Top Tips – Packing For The Move



Dismantle it – any large pieces of furniture (especially flat-pack) are much easier to handle in bits and travel better with less risk. Please keep all screws etc safe and label them accordingly.

Wrap it – Groovy Movers can supply packing paper and bubble wrap to protect your fragile items. If you use newspaper to wrap crockery, the crockery will be stained by the news ink, meaning the first job in your new home is to wash everything up. Our clean paper protects whilst keeping everything spotless.

Box it – use a sturdy box designed for the purpose of moving, (available from us). Crisp boxes and the like are not suitable for carrying heavy books, china etc and will collapse during the move. Please tape tops and bottoms of boxes, keeping tops flat that will allow for good stacking within our vehicles. Plastic lidded crates are a good alternative to cardboard. For all packing please be aware of weight, i.e., do not fill a very large box with very heavy goods such as books. Please fill boxes to the top as half empty boxes will collapse when stacked. If weight is an issue surplus space can be filled with cushions etc.

We start loading with boxes, and so if these are all located in a ground floor central area it will speed up this process.


Label it – please label with box contents for your own reference and future room destination for ours. This will allow a speedy and accurate distribution of boxes in the new house.


Wardrobe boxes – on move day we supply adequate wardrobe boxes as assessed during your site survey (a large box with a built in rail). This allows a quick transfer of hanging garments from your wardrobe to box and vice versa, which saves on packing and ensures your clothes arrive crease free.

Bin liners – Heavy duty bin liners can be used to pack bedding, clothing, towels etc.

Drawers – we suggest that chests of drawers / bed side cabinets etc are left full (except for any fragile items). Based on the weight we will then either carry the piece to the vehicle whole, or empty the drawers and reload into carcass of chest within the vehicle. This will save you the need to pack these items.


Plant pots – put a bin liner around the pot and secure this around the plant stem. This will ensure that any spillage in transit will not contaminate the rest of your furniture. If moving on a wet day any loose soil will quickly spread.